Why to Come to Taxma
What to Bring at the Time of your Renewal
What do You Need to Transfer your Vehicle


DMV has established an electronic BPA Program that allows Taxma to process vehicle related transactions. Taxma is authorized to process and issue validated registration cards, full year registration stickers and automobile, commercial, motorcycle, exempt vehicle license plates.

We can process the following services:

  • Full Year Registration Renewals
  • Registered Owner Transfers
  • Salvage Applications
  • Junk Applications
  • Non-Repairable Applications
  • Legal owner transfers
  • Non-resident vehicles
  • Duplicate titles
  • Transfer of, renewal for vessels/registration every 2 years
  • Personalized and special plate assignments and/or interchanges
  • Transactions with a special plate
  • Issue exempt license plates
  • Disabled Veteran/Disabled Person assignments/interchanges
  • Issue single plate truck tractor inventory
  • Additions to and deletions from a PFR fleet
  • Substitute vehicle license plate and sticker

Registration Services

Use the following link to provide the required information to transfer or renew your registration. We will assist you to complete your transaction fast and without long waiting periods at the DMV office.

Use the following form to apply the following services:

  • Transfer Title
  • Renew Title